Friday, June 19, 2009

A Visit to McIntyre Bluff

Setting off with Ant who is rarely without a video game or computer! I am glad that he is good at multi-tasking!

We head down the bluff trail. The others head to the parking lot with the car. They are taking the shorter, less steep trail, but I want to try this one! I am glad that I have Ant in case there are any problems.

We go past the swamp. It sparkles through the trees.

The bluff at last! The trail was no problem after all. Ant only had to take my hand once!

We are in awe of the beauty of the beach here. We can't believe that we have never found this beautiful spot before.

Here's the rest of the party! Lia was away for the weekend. We will share this site with her another time.

A chipmunk joins our feast!

And a bright green shield bug!

Esme toasts with her sandwich!

Diana thoroughly enjoys her food!

Es and Jo head off on a walk while I relax and enjoy the view.


After we have cleaned up, we head over to the bluff to get a closer view. The red clay that has washed down sucks on the soles of our shoes!

Luckily that rock did not fall on us!

The Road Home!

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