Sunday, November 1, 2009

The First Day of ARGH!

Lia has brekky at the motel.

Es, Zelly, and Jo have brekky at the motel.

Side trip! Our first glimpse of Stone...I mean Foamhenge!

Look at the size of those "rocks!"

Even heavy rains do not deter Zelly from her modeling.

Proof I've been to Stone...I mean Foamhenge!

The mountains are ever present on all sides!

Diana tense at the wheel on the curvy mountain roads.

We followed this truck for a long while! It did not take away from the beauty of the mountain ahead.

Our first glimpse of Roan Mountain State Park.

Essie and Lia get their make up done for trick or treating in the conference center. Josie waits her turn.

The flora is beautiful on the big scale!

And up close and personal too!

So is the fauna!

Josie's finished camouflage make-up.

Lia's movie star face. :)

The conference center!

A cabin all decorated for trick or treat night!

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